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Anti-cellulite challenge: # 1 But why me!

We will not escape about cellulite! As usual, this damn orange skin is one of the magazines, at the same time it shows us fashion canons without any imperfection … We were cheated! All women would not have these small (even large) bumps on the hips and thighs (sometimes also on the arms, stomach …). But why … Read More


My homemade face scrubs to test without moderation (DIY)

It can never be said enough, regularly eradicating the skin helps eliminate dead cells , refine skin texture , lighten the complexion , activate blood microcirculation , renew our cells . To find a soft skin, I propose today 10 recipes of scrubs, that you can do yourself, at home! It’s easy , economical , safe (no industrial products, preservatives or other allergenic perfumes) and very fun  ! Yes, yes I know, you will thank … Read More


I’m having a pampering evening

I have been in the habit for a few months to give me, from time to time, a cocooning party just for me. Yes it is possible ! And it’s even highly recommended for the morale of the troops. So you put your guilt in a drawer with your WonderWoman costume. And you take this time to do yourself … Read More